COVID Recovery (according to TCM)

Guess who got ~le covid~ during their scheduled vacation time? Your fave herbalists.

Guess who's using that time to study and experiment with herbs? Your fave herbalists.

Guess who got through ~le covid~ without tylenol? Your fave herbalists.

Friends, this is not to say you shouldn't take tylenol or whatever your fave OTC med is. I simply chose not to use OTC because I know my body best and my liver normally needs extra assistance in detoxing. And I knew how to use herbs, cupping and energetic medicine to squash my fever on most nights.

Anyway, I read through 5 published studies, perused 2 herbal textbooks and drank about 5 gallons of decoctions in order to write this today. I'm still in the recovery stage, but I do want to say that herbs were everything in preventing the pathogens from reaching deeper. I also believe that using herbs helped to make the sickness stage shorter. The recovery stage is a little longer than I would like but it's not bad. With that being said, both of us are in our early 30's and tend to live an active, outdoors lifestyle and that helps too.

So here's a semi detailed list of easy-to-get herbs that will help you in every stage.

PREVENTION Goal: Keep the body warm and lungs nourished.

(1) Ginger + Licorice Root

(2) Elderberry Syrup

INITIAL STAGE Goal: Dissipate "dampness" and boost lung Qi. Assist in detoxing.

(1) Honeysuckle + Chrysanthemum + Dandelion Root + Licorice Root

(2) Ginger + Dandelion Root

MIDDLE STAGE Goal: Dissipate and dry out dampness. Continue detoxing.

(1) Honeysuckle + Chrysanthemum + Calendula + Licorice Root

(2) Add gypsum if fever wont go down

(3) Dandelion Root Tea in between.

RECOVERY STAGE Goal: Boost Qi across related energetics, nourish lung yin.

(1) Astragalus + Codonopsis + Prepared Rehmanniae Radix + White Mulberry Root Bark + Aster Root + Schisandra Fruit

Okay, some of these herbs may NOT be easy-to-get if you don't live near a Chinese herb pharmacy. I'm certain you can find most of these things on the internet. If not, please email us ( about our community herb program if you are struggling through your own covid issues.

Last thing, cupping with mugwort smoke helped us with the body aches and fever. The easiest way to get a cupping set on amazon (tho ya know i hate recommending them).

Good luck! Be well.

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