For The People

For The People


This ancient blend includes very warming and energy supporting herbs. Our most medicinal tea blend is finally here, and we named it FTP to remind us all that there's still werk to do. We combined the following herbs to help fight adrenal fatigue , boost energetic immunity & Qi:


Cassia sweet, nourishing and warming for the heart and solar plexus

Codonopsis calms the hearts, tonifies qi & lungs, stimulates digestive system

Agaricus Blazei sweet mushroom, helps with transformation, modulates immune system

Elderflower venusian, ancient earth mother energy, helps with circulation & boundaries

Ginseng core warming, strengthens Qi, reduces restlessness

Reishi calms the spirit, nourishes heart space, brightens solar plexus, major detoxer



  • Cassia (桂枝)

    Codonopsis (党参)

    Heaven's Sun (姬松茸)

    Elderflower (接骨木花)

    Ginseng (人參)

    Reishi (靈芝)




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