Single Herb

Single Herb


Sometimes you just need a simple remedy. Plants are energetic powerhouses that can help adjust your subtle and physical body. Daily engagement with plant medicine will create earthly shifts. See below for each single herb's magic.


Ginseng -- Warms the body, fires up sacral/root centers, boosts Yang energy, manifestation.


Dang Gui -- Womb healing, moves and cycles out stagnancy from sacral space, relaxes rigid beliefs.


Dandelion -- Boosts the solar plexus and sense of self, digest + detox, brightens your auric field.


Nettle -- Groundedness, combats inflammation, helps ease tempers + impatience, chill out Mars.


Sagebrush -- Increase vibrations, flexibility, respiratory health & breathwork, relaxant. 


Lavender -- Nervous system reset, helps with migraines, eases grief, relaxes overworked third eye.


Rose -- Opens heart space, acceptance of painful situations, heartful communication, boundaries.





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