Roasted Barley Tea 🍵

Roasted Barley Tea 🍵

Sup America. If you’ve been indulging in lot of greasy or sweet foods, this is what you need. Roasted barley tea is typically served at Asian BBQ restaurants to assist in helping the greasiness down and out.
In Taiwan, barley tea is called be̍h-á-tê (麥仔茶), in which be̍h-á (麥仔) means "barley" and tê (茶) means "tea".
In Japan, barley tea is called mugi-cha (麦茶; むぎちゃ).
In the Koreas, barley tea is called bori-cha (보리차).
In China, barley tea is called dàmài-chá (大麦茶; 大麥茶) or mài-chá (麦茶; 麥茶).
Size: 2 oz
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